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Message from Eastern PA District President Don Potts:

I have been involved in the game of tennis for more than 30 years.  As a recreational player, a father to a competitive player, a grandfather to two 10 and under players, and a club owner, I have witnessed the incredible benefits of our great sport.  I have seen the joy of a 7 year old playing with his or her father or mother and the joy of a 90 year old playing with his or her lifelong friends.  Through all of my years in the game, it has remained clear that tennis is indeed “the sport of a lifetime.”

While those who have been involved in tennis for many years recognize the tremendous benefit that tennis provides to people of all ages, others have not been exposed to the game.  During my tenure as Eastern Pennsylvania District president, I encourage anybody and those who share my passion for the game to become involved and work with us to grow the game of tennis.  I welcome teaching professionals, coaches, volunteers and others, who simply wish that their voices be heard, to participate in the EPD. 

I consider it an honor and privilege to serve as EPD President and welcome your assistance to share the great game of tennis with others.  If you wish to assist in any capacity, please contact me at (610) 730-8515. I welcome your input and will certainly have a place for you.

Thank you.

Don Potts





Renee Lentz is our USTA MS EPD Tennis Service Representative. She would love to help you with your tennis program development in your area.

Contact Renee Lentz at 610-398-3808 or lentz@ms.usta.com