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Eastern Pennsylvania Adult Participation

USTA Leagues

USTA League Tennis is a great way for individuals who are 18 and older to get involved in tennis.  Leagues for Adults, Seniors, Super Seniors, Flex Leagues for those on a time crunch, and Mixed Doubles are available to give you a lot of options.  To learn more about USTA League Tennis, click here.


USTA Flex Leagues

USTA Flex Leagues are specifically designed to help you fit tennis into your busy life! You decide whether to play singles or doubles at whatever time is convenient for you. For information on Flex leagues in Middle States, click here.

Adult Competition

Adult Competition is another great way for individuals 18 and older to get involved in the rapidly growing world of tennis competition.  Adult Competition includes tournaments, InterDistrict, and InterSectional competitions to keep you playing at your best.  To learn more about Adult Competition within Middle States, click here.


What is the difference between USTA Leagues and Adult Competition?

  Adult Competition includes tournament play and rankings for individual players who play accordingly by their ages. Open tournaments are when anyone can play regardless of age. Other categories are: 30, 35, 40, 45, etc. To play these tournaments you have to have achieved the minimum age. Individual players play for rankings and bragging rights.

USTA Leagues are designed to be played in teams. There are several divisions: adult, senior, mixed, super senior, senior mixed. Teams travel to other clubs in a local league. The winner of the local league will advance to a district championship. From district championships, teams advance to section championships and then the winners go to national championships in each division.

Tennis on Campus

Tennis on Campus is a great way to increase your skill and keep playing while you attend college. Get court-time between classes and the library and compete against other schools in various competitions. For more information about Tennis on Campus, including how to get your school to participate, click here.



Are you interested in registering for matches in your area or are you coming back to register for the next big competition in your district?  Either way, visit TennisLink to view and register for competitions. You can also keep track of rankings. To visit TennisLink, click here.





To view your rankings from recent matches, click here.