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Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Participation

10 and Under Tennis

Ten and Under Tennis is a chance for kids to learn real tennis and have real fun doing it. 10 and Under Tennis follows almost every other youth sport and uses racquets, balls and courts that are sized right for kids so that they enjoy the game right from the start. To learn more about Ten and Under Tennis, click here.


USTA Jr. Team Tennis

  USTA Jr. Team Tennis is the largest youth tennis program in the country, helping girls and boys ages 6 to 18 get in the game, get on the court, and have a good time. Teams are coed and made up of at least six players, three boys and three girls, based on similar ages and skill levels. To learn more about USTA Jr. Team Tennis, click here.

Junior Tournaments

Whether you're just starting out playing in a junior program in your community, or have been regularly competing in section or national tournaments and training camps, Middle States has you covered.  Click here for more information on Junior Tournaments. 


School Tennis

Now bringing tennis to your school is easier than ever.  Middles States offers many resources for training, teaching cirriculum, equipment and staff support, as well as coach recognition.  To learn more about School Tennis, click here.


Tennis Camps

Click here to learn more about Junior Tennis Camps.



To view your rankings from recent matches, click here.